About Me...

I love making beautiful things.  Throughout my life I have dabbled with pastry making, knitting, crafting, mosaics, interior decorating, sewing, and furniture restoration.  But photography has been my true passion.  I bought my first DSLR in 2000 but my very first photography course dates back to about 1983 in my hometown of El Paso, Texas.  At that time, all I had was a Kodak Disc camera (remember those?).  Nevertheless, I have fond memories of our field trip to the zoo where I learned about the rule of thirds and framing your shot. You are never too young to learn.

Despite my desire to travel to the ends of the earth and be a full-time landscape photographer, I still have my day job of practicing law and advising businesses on all things transactional.  Let's face it, the pay is much better.  But every chance I have, I absorb knowledge about this art--by listening to podcasts, attending workshops, and joining informal meet up groups.  I work on refining my skills every chance I get. 

My 5 year old twin daughters are often my subjects and they have been quite helpful in teaching me how to to focus on fast moving things.  I enjoy traveling and photographing the local sites, but also find that there is so much to shoot in my own backyard of Austin, Texas.

Enjoy my images and come back often to see my newest work.

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